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Monday, July 28, 2008

Listen to my Mexican grandma

Today I met Lola (the dog)'s and Phoebe (the niece)'s Mexican grandmother who hugged me and referred to herself as my Mexican grandmother as well (not sure how that works, but who doesn't wish for a new grandma every once in a while?). She told me that I should move to Atascadero and go swimming in her pool. Each day the weather maxes out at 75 degrees (in July!), I am more and more tempted to do just that.

So far on my trip, I have slept on the couch everyday and have only showered once. I have yet to see the ocean, but I have had enough tropical mixed drinks to convince me I am close enough. I originally planned on heading back to Bakersfield on Sunday night, but as Tuesday creeps nearer, I am obviously not driving yet. If I didn't have so many bills all the time (and if I didn't have to work Tuesday night), I would just call my roommates and Frugatti's and tell them all I quit both work and Bakersfield and just shack up at my sister's until I found a place of my own. Of course, to make that work, I might have to either start cleaning the place, or start changing diapers and breast feeding the baby, you know, just to help my sister out around the place.

The main reason I haven't left is because we started the newest Bourne movie that sucked me right in, and just as it was winding down (explaining where he came from), the very legal copy we were watching started skipping in the dvd player. This forced us to watch the remainder from the much smaller laptop screen. It didn't finish until after 10, which was plenty of time to head home, but I had a family of four convincing me to stay until morning.


Candice Lynn said...

Jerkface. You're hooked up to the blogging world and yet failed to tell me. Call me if you still want to be friends. PS-your hair looks amazing.

Poodle said...

You're the worst blogger ever. Please post a blog more often than only when you're at my house. Or just come here more often!