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Friday, August 8, 2008

Giving Me Money

I would like to point out the "Donate" button at the top of the page and clear some things up regarding that button. The "Donate" button allows any visitor to my page--at any time--to donate money to me without any questions asked. I will not hound you for donating too little, nor will I assume you are showing off how much money you make by donating any amount I consider to be very large (in the case of my audience, that would probably be greater than $1.00). Just as I will not bother the charitable person(s) with annoying questions, I expect the the charitable person(s) to do the same. In the event that someone both (1) donates money and (2) asks where their hard-earned money* will ultimately be spent, that person should look in the mirror and ask themselves where their money goes when they shop at large, department discount stores. If you said dispersed (equally) among uneducated employees, third-world factory workers, and high-salaried corporate heads, that answer would be sufficient, but do not expect me to do the same. I will not allow any of your money to end up in the pocket of some uneducated employee or third-world factory worker.

Feel free to donate as often as you'd like or even as often as I'd like: daily.

*assumption given for the benefit of whoever happens to donate, money does not have to be hard-earned.


Candice Lynn said...

I saw the can't deny you're with her now. Feel free to coninue commenting without reference to specific blogs, sir.

Poodle said...

Hand-holding? Qu'est-ce qui ce passe, watler?