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Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Car

My 2000 Toyota Camry has been parked in my garage for a couple of months waiting for me to finally take it to Toyota and have them fix her up. In honor of my car, Google Maps decided to finally have a street view of Bakersfield included on their site where my car can be spotted in three separate locations throughout the city. My lavender beauty can be seen at my current residence, my former "real" job, and at Sandrini's. Maybe one day my car will be spotted at the Toyota dealership, but until then, these are the only instances which prove that my car does more than collect dust in the garage.


Poodle said...

That is awesome.

Candice Lynn said...

Creepy. Looks like Orwell was right.

Kyle Johnson said...

yeah, but who knew it would be a publicly traded company doing it, and not big brother?