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Friday, August 15, 2008

Pogues rant

At the Lakehouse, we are very Zune-friendly with both the physical Zune and Zune Pass to accompany it. Today, I decided to play some of The Pogues. I did the usual search for them on the Zune software and clicked on the artist when I ended up on the main artist page for The Pogues. On the Zune software, there is a list of the top songs by other Zune members (based on number of plays), and this is where my (short) rant begins. The top two songs are both Love You 'Till the End, one from the Pogues' album Pogue Mahone, the other from the P.S. I Love You soundtrack. I am just a little disappointed in my fellow Zune users, as this is the most un-Pogues song ever recorded by The Pogues both in sound and also the fact that Shane MacGowan (the lead singer) had nothing to do with the album or song. I am also pretty sure when Neil and I saw them rock New York on St. Patrick's Day two years ago that Love You 'Till the End was not a part of the set list, because they know what most Zune users do not: that song kind of blows.

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